Cross Browser and Cross Platform Testing

The world is playing with gadgets that include smart phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and lots more. With this digital scenario, there is now high demand of cost effective and efficient software testing services over different operating systems. We, at KiwiQA, understand the importance of cross browser and cross platform testing and offer the best service to our esteemed clients. Manual testing nowadays in the fast paced world seems to be tough and time consuming, therefore we offer an advanced version of the service so that the client is utmost satisfied with its use. In the present technological world, people wish that their websites can be easily and quickly accessed by huge number of people. It can be done when it is accessed through all the major browsers which include Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari and of course Chrome with various versions. With cross browser testing, the website will be tested over different browsers. Our professional team at KiwiQA, makes use of some comprehensive services online with the advanced and modern tools to test any website or even application over different kinds of devices. Our experienced and knowledgeable employees can even detect any defects and help you out with the right solutions. Benefits to gain from KiwiQA! Our company works with the most qualified and efficient team who make use of automated tools for testing in their daily process for cross browser and cross platform testing. This offers a great number of benefits even if the development projects seem to be difficult. Some of the most well known benefits that one can experience are:
  • One can expect high quality, predictable and sustained results of development
  • Enhanced quality, better performance and reliability from the IT systems
  • Help in minimizing rework and bugs with a faster time format
  • Minimization in the cost of maintaining as well as improving the applications.
How do the experts at KiwiQA work? Clients are always curious to know the work approach in relation to cross browser and cross platform testing services, here we shall explain you our process of work.
  • Analysing: The first step starts with recognising the needs of clients and then addressing the related compatibility issues.
  • Brainstorming: The entire team thinks about various test situations and measures the concepts revolving around.
  • Executing: Then the tests thought are executed finally by the most knowledgeable test engineers of our team who have proficiency in both software and hardware concepts.
  • Reports: All the reports are then made based on the results which include test cases, any issues or defects, and complete analysis which showcases the concerns and even the solutions too.
With our services, we can help clients in evaluating the application functions in accordance to the pertinent software, hardware, network environment as well as various operating systems. If you wish to have a cost effective solution in this concern, then you can feel free to contact us at +61 (0) 410 757 121 and avail the best services. We shall be happy to help you and fulfill your needs.